domingo, 13 de julio de 2014

Eligibility Assessment for Renewable Energy Reforms in the Republic of the Marshall Islands

Access to affordable and reliable sources of energy is crucial to enhancing sustainable livelihoods in the Pacific Island countries, contributing to economic growth and development in remote off grid atolls, here vulnerable communities live. Financing for outer island renewable energy equipment installation, maintenance and the eventual replacement of essential parts, batteries, inverters, etc has to be secured with local leaders. OIKO LOGICA Team held meetings with majors of 10 Atols to define user-pay models via a revolving fund via monthly user-fees. This majors meet once a year! they spend up to 12 hours commuting in ferries and small boats to reach Majuro. They do not have electricity nor telephone connections in their small islands. 

sábado, 29 de marzo de 2014

Politicians negotiating Climate Change Policies

Albert Camus Dixit

"Whatever our personal weaknesses may be, the nobility of our craft will always be rooted in two commitments, difficult to maintain: the refusal to lie about what one knows and the resistance to oppression".

We cannot find more accurate words to define or responsibility with climate change.

miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2014

OIKO goes Island Hopping Again!

OIKO LOGICA has been awarded a new Climate Change Project. The GCCA will conduct the formulation of a support program to Climate Change Adaptation in Mauritius. Strategic objectives of the climate change adaptation policy framework are to: 

  • Foster the development of strategies, plans and processes to: (i) Avoid, minimize or adapt to the negative impacts of climate change on key sectors and assets of Mauritius, namely agriculture, water, fisheries and ecosystems; (ii) Avoid or reduce damage to human settlements and infrastructure, and also possible loss of lives caused by climate change. (iii) To build capacity to understand, analyse and pre-empt in a timely manner in the wake of future climate change impacts within the Republic of Mauritius.

  • Integrate and mainstream climate change adaptation into core development policies, strategies and plans of the Republic of Mauritius. 

martes, 25 de febrero de 2014


Maia Island in The Seychelles, a small island in peril

There are around 51 small island in the world under severe threat. Maia is one of them.  In spite of the amazing beauty, geographical situation and cultural diversity, this small island shares similar economic and sustainable development challenges with sister islands in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans. They have very poor availability of resources such as drinking water or energy, a small but rapidly growing population, specially due to traffic of tourist, insularity, vulnerability and remoteness, susceptibility to natural disasters, excessive dependence on international trade for agricultural imports and vulnerability to globalization.

OIKO LOGICAs has been invited by MWH and The Global Climate Change Alliance to identify and formulate a Support Program to the National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change in Seychelles.

OIKO LOGICA is opening a new office in Palma de Mallorca. The sun, the beauty of the island, the food and the people have convinced our team to open a headquarters in the old Town of Palma de Mallorca. Come and visit us when you are around.