miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2013

Sustainability and Globalization in Latin America

OIKO LOGICA has been selected by German GIZ - CEPAL consortia to be part of a team together with GFA Consulting Group GmbH to conduct the Evaluation of the impact of a major multidisciplinary UN Program: "Sustainability and inclusive growth through Globalization in Latin America". In January, February and March we will be traveling to Uruguay, Brasil, Chile and Panama, among other countries, to conduct interviews with Government officials and program beneficiaries and collect evidence of program impacts. Too bad we missed the Carnaval in Rio this time! 

lunes, 14 de enero de 2013

The world until Yesterday

We are inspired by Jarred Diamond's writing: humanity's increasing dissonance with the natural world. He describes how small groups of humans – ranging from a few dozen to a few hundred hunter-gatherers – survived several ice ages, kept close to nature and still managed to conquer the world. "I believe the few remaining tribes and nomad groups left on the planet have a great deal to teach us," he says and it is this belief that inspired The World Until Yesterday.

 Jarrred Diamond´s is not shy about pointing out the lessons from traditional societies

Some tribal customs, such as widow-strangling, will not be missed, of course. "We should not romanticise traditional societies," he says. "There are horrible things that we want to avoid, but there wonderful things that we should emulate."